Ex­plained... Your iCloud stor­age


1 Man­age your iCloud stor­age

In the iCloud Sys­tem Pref­er­ences pane, the Man­age but­ton loads the Man­age Stor­age sheet, so you can see where all your space has gone.

2 Your stor­age in num­bers

At the top left, you’ll see how much space you have free, and your to­tal al­lo­ca­tion. If you’re within 1GB of your al­lo­ca­tion, it’s time to up­grade.

3 Change your plan

Click Change Stor­age Plan to see the up­grade op­tions. Down­grades re­quire a sign-in. Warn­ing tri­an­gles ap­pear next to tiers smaller than your cur­rent us­age level.

4 Data types

From the side­bar, you can ex­plore and delete back­ups, as well as get tips on claw­ing back space from Mail and Photo Li­brary, by click­ing on those items.

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