How to: Use Hazel to clean your desk­top


1 Cre­ate a new rule

In­stall Hazel, and open its pane in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences. Click the + but­ton in the Fold­ers col­umn. Se­lect Desk­top from un­der iCloud in the side­bar, and then Open. Click the + but­ton un­der Rules to open the rules sheet for Desk­top.

2 De­fine your rule

Name your rule ‘Desk­top clean-up’, and set the con­di­tions for the rule to run. Have the first con­di­tion be ‘Date Added is not in the last 30 days’, and the sec­ond ‘Size is greater than’ along with a per-file size in MB you don’t want to ex­ceed.

3 Set a target folder

For the ‘Do…’ line, leave the Move ac­tion as-is, and set a non-iCloud folder to move matched doc­u­ments to, such as ‘Doc­u­ments – lo­cal’ (if you al­ready have that – other­wise cre­ate it first in Finder). Click OK and your rule will start run­ning.

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