Ex­plained... Files in iOS 11


1 Lo­ca­tions

Tap Edit and you can add short­cuts to sup­ported stor­age lo­ca­tions, which also in­cludes third-party ser­vices/ soft­ware like Drop­box, Trans­mit and PDF Ex­pert.

2 Fa­vorites

Drag fold­ers (but not in­di­vid­ual doc­u­ments) from iCloud Drive to this area, to en­able fast ac­cess to them. Col­lapse the menu by tap­ping the down­wards-fac­ing ar­row.

3 View types

Drag the files area down­wards to gain ac­cess to a num­ber of ex­tra set­tings. Tap the icon to­wards the top right so you can switch be­tween icon and list views.

4 Sort or­der

The tool­bar de­faults to sort­ing your files and fold­ers by name, but – just as on the Mac – if you pre­fer you can change this to date, size, or or­der­ing by user-as­signed tags.

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