How to Mas­ter merged por­traits in En­light

Mac Format - - APPLE SKILLS -

1 Open an im­age

Make sure the images you want to edit are on your Cam­era Roll by tak­ing them with the cam­era or im­port­ing them from cloud stor­age such as iCloud or Drop­box. They all ap­pear down here, and you can tap on one to start work.

2 Get started

This young lady with her bunch of flow­ers needs lit­tle edit­ing to be­gin with, but we’re go­ing to add some ad­di­tional con­trast. Open Ad­just on the right-hand side, and choose the Con­trast op­tion from along the bot­tom.

3 Al­ter in­ten­sity

With an ad­just­ment, whether it’s a one-shot fil­ter or one of the dis­crete ad­just­ments such as Ex­po­sure or Clar­ity, scrolling a fin­ger ver­ti­cally on the screen al­ters its strength. A bar ex­tends at the top to show how far you’ve gone.

4 Dou­ble up

For a dou­ble ex­po­sure, we’ll need a sec­ond im­age. Open it from the Cam­era Roll, and it will ap­pear on top. Pinch to re­size it so it fits, and move it roughly into place with your fin­ger. Choose Tools > Mixer from the right-hand side.

5 Mixer

The Mixer is where the com­bin­ing hap­pens. Click Tools, and use the Erase tool to rub out the bits you don’t want to see. The app is clever enough to re­spect high-con­trast bound­aries, so your fin­ger will feel like a pre­cise tool.

6 Blend­ing

The Blend mode tells the app how you want the colours in your two images to merge. It’s worth flick­ing through them, as you can get an un­ex­pected re­sult. We’ve used Colour Burn to con­strain the flower to the model’s face.

7 Add more in­ter­est

Click the tick, top right, to com­mit your changes. We’re now go­ing to use Tools > Tilt Shift to blur parts of the im­age, plac­ing the cir­cle over the model’s face so it re­mains sharp and the cen­tre of at­ten­tion, while blur­ring her flow­ers.

8 Fil­ter and frame

En­light’s Artis­tic menu con­tains fil­ters that can add real per­son­al­ity to your cre­ation. We’ve used Sa­hara here, but you can al­ways undo your choice with the X icon at the top left. We’ve also added a frame us­ing Fi­nalise > Frame

9 Ex­port

En­light sup­ports all the usual iOS shar­ing op­tions, so you can send your file straight to Face­book or up­load it to cloud stor­age if you’ve got the right ser­vice en­abled in Lo­ca­tions. You can send straight to a printer, too.

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