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Ope n Slide Over 2

With one app al­ready open, swipe up from the screen’s bot­tom edge to re­veal the Dock, then hold a fin­ger on an icon there. When the icon grows a lit­tle, drag it up out of the Dock; a large panel will ex­pand out of the icon. Let go and the app will ap­pear in a float­ing win­dow over the right side of the screen.

Take a peek be hind 5

To tin­ker with the con­trols be­hind Slide Over’s win­dow, drag left on the han­dle and hold the win­dow just out of the way. While hold­ing it in place, you can in­ter­act with things that were just be­hind it. When you’re done, drag a lit­tle to­ward the win­dow’s start­ing point and let go.

Slide over to the left 3

Slide Over is not con­fined to the right side of the screen. Flick left on the han­dle (the hor­i­zon­tal bar) at the top of it to push the win­dow over to the left side. This comes in very help­ful when you need to work with some­thing that’s un­der­neath the win­dow but keep the win­dow around for ref­er­ence. Slide Over 6 sticks arou nd An app that’s open in Slide Over will dis­ap­pear if you switch to another main app. It’s just off the screen’s right edge; swipe in­ward to bring it back. To use a Slide Over app’s full in­ter­face, open it from the Home screen; its win­dow will re­turn when you go to another app.

Tem­po­rari ly hide it 4

Al­ter­na­tively, flick the han­dle to­ward the right to tuck the win­dow off that side of the screen. This doesn’t close the Slide Over win­dow though, it just hides it tem­po­rar­ily off that side. Swipe in­ward from the right edge to bring it back. Swip­ing fur­ther in­ward brings the win­dow back and to the left side in one move.

Exit Slide Over 7

You can leave Slide Over’s win­dow hid­den off the edge of the screen, but if you then tap its Dock icon while us­ing another app it’ll slide back into view. To prop­erly close Slide Over, switch from it to Split View (see tip 12 op­po­site) and then drag the di­vider to a screen edge.

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