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A nother widely panned Ap­ple prod­uct, the Pippin was only on sale for about a year.

Ap­ple never in­tended it to be a stand­alone prod­uct – rather, it was meant to be an open plat­form that other com­pa­nies could li­cense, use and al­ter, much like VHS.

How­ever, only two com­pa­nies – Bandai and Katz Me­dia – took Ap­ple up on the of­fer. Cou­pled with a lack of de­vel­op­ers for the plat­form, it was an unat­trac­tive prospect for con­sumers.

There were many other prob­lems. Bandai at­tempted to mar­ket their ver­sion of the Pippin as a com­puter, not a games con­sole, which con­fused con­sumers. The Pippin strug­gled to com­pete with the Sega Saturn, the Nin­tendo 64 and the Sony PlaySta­tion, which were al­ready es­tab­lished in the games con­sole space, and the Pippin’s $599 price – three times higher than the Nin­tendo 64’s and dou­ble the PlaySta­tion’s – was way too high.

Like the New­ton, the Pippin was axed in 1997 when Jobs re­turned to Ap­ple.

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