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Mac Format - - MACOS HIGH SIERRA -

1 Si­lence Live Pho­tos

Dou­ble-click a Live Photo and click Edit to ac­cess the edit­ing view. Here, you can use the two but­tons at the bot­tom left of the win­dow to, re­spec­tively, turn off the Live Photo (cir­cu­lar icon), or just mute its au­dio (speaker icon).

2 Trim Live Pho­tos

Below your Live Photo, you’ll see a film­strip com­mon to video edit­ing apps. Drag the drag han­dles to trim the Live Photo’s video com­po­nent. You can also click a frame and then click Make Key Photo to change what’s shown when the im­age is still.

3 Bounce and loop

A stan­dard Live Photo de­faults to the Live op­tion in the menu to the right of the trim con­trols. But you can switch the an­i­ma­tion type to Loop (end­lessly re­peats) or Bounce (an­i­mates back and forth). Use Long Ex­po­sure to fake a long ex­po­sure shot.

4 Make ad­just­ments faster

In macOS Sierra, edit­ing in Pho­tos was stripped back. On click­ing Ad­just, only a few op­tions were shown; you had to man­u­ally add more. In macOS High Sierra, this has changed. Ad­just is a scrolling pane of col­lapsi­ble sec­tions, all of which are im­me­di­ately avail­able – and this is far more us­able.

5 Ex­plore fil­ters

In all hon­esty, Pho­tos isn’t nec­es­sar­ily the best place to go if you’re look­ing for the world’s most amaz­ing fil­ters, but they’ve at least been shaken up a bit in macOS High Sierra. Chrome, Process, Trans­fer and In­stant have all gone, re­placed by fil­ters badged Vivid and Dra­matic, both of which have Cool and Warm vari­ants.

6 Work with curves

The Curves tool is new to Pho­tos. Click Auto and Pho­tos will au­to­mat­i­cally im­prove your im­age. You can man­u­ally drag points, and add new ones by click­ing on the curve. Try fash­ion­ing a sub­tle S-curve to make your colours re­ally pop.

Curves is new to Pho­tos and is a wel­come edit­ing tool, al­low­ing for au­to­matic and man­ual changes.

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