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What’s the best iPhone pro­tec­tion from mud?

A sealed case cover like the Grif­fin Sur­vivor Ex­treme seals con­trols and ports and pro­vides wa­ter re­sis­tance. Mud is often quite abra­sive, so in­spect the case when in use. When soiled, rinse the case clean and use an old soft tooth­brush to gen­tly re­move de­bris.

How to ex­tend bat­tery life in patchy cover­age?

In ar­eas with patchy cover­age, search­ing for a sig­nal is a sub­stan­tial drain on your iPhone’s bat­tery. Low Power Mode does lit­tle to help, though. The only way to get sig­nif­i­cantly bet­ter bat­tery life is to switch on Air­plane mode un­til you’re back in bet­ter re­cep­tion con­di­tions.

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