Pla yin g wit h PSU

Get­ting into the power conversion case

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1 Re­move power sup­ply

Take off the rear panel of the Lisa by un­do­ing the two thumb screws at the top. The PSU is in the metal case on the right side. There’s an­other thumb screw at the bot­tom of the PSU at­tach­ing it to the chas­sis. Undo this, then pull firmly to dis­con­nect it from the moth­er­board socket and the PSU should slide free.

2 Undo AC con­nec­tor

For a re­cently-con­nected Lisa, wait 48 hours to guar­an­tee the large ca­pac­i­tors have dis­charged be­fore you re­move the outer cover. Undo the two screws hold­ing the AC socket to the case. In­side, undo the nut that holds the ground con­nec­tion to the case. Un­plug the Molex con­nec­tor from the cir­cuit board.

3 Re­move cir­cuit board

There are eight Phillips screws hold­ing the board onto the bot­tom panel of the case; make sure you get them all. You then have to undo the two flat­head screws next to the main trans­former. These are used to se­cure the large Schot­tky bar­rier diodes that con­vert the AC sup­ply into a DC volt­age.

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