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The iMac Pro is sched­uled to be avail­able in De­cem­ber. While the base model has been an­nounced at $4,999, there have been no an­nounce­ments about the pric­ing of cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions, al­though some have es­ti­mated that a maxed-out iMac Pro could cost over a whop­ping $17K! Up­grade op­tions are likely to in­clude an 18-core pro­ces­sor, 128GB ECC me­mory and 4TB SSD drives.

As you point out though, once you start spec­c­ing up a high-end iMac, you do get very close to £5,000, so you’re right that there will be a dilemma there for peo­ple that can af­ford a Mac of that cal­i­bre.

High-end iMac or base model iMac Pro? If you can splash the cash, it’s a tricky choice.

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