How to Make a por­trait look bet­ter

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1 Cre­ate ad­just­ment layer

Use File > Open to browse to a por­trait. To re­move colour casts, go to Layer > New Ad­just­ment Layer > White Bal­ance Ad­just­ment. In the White Bal­ance panel, click Picker. Place the crosshairs on an area that should be white (say, a shirt).

2 Bal­ance the whites

Click to sam­ple the area that should be white. In our ex­am­ple, the picker de­tects a warm hue, so it au­to­mat­i­cally drags the White Bal­ance slider left to -12. This cools the colours and makes whites white. The skin now looks less orange.

3 Boost ex­po­sure

To brighten up an un­der­ex­posed por­trait, choose Layer > New Ad­just­ment Layer > Ex­po­sure Ad­just­ment. Drag the Ex­po­sure slider to the right. We now have two ad­just­ment lay­ers in the Lay­ers panel work­ing on the back­ground im­age.

4 Du­pli­cate layer

Se­lect the Back­ground layer in the Lay­ers panel. Press ç+J to du­pli­cate that layer. You can then work on the copy of the por­trait and have the orig­i­nal close to hand if you make a mis­take. La­bel the du­pli­cated layer ‘Re­touched Ver­sion’.

5 Re­move blem­ishes

In the Tools panel, click and hold down on the Heal­ing Brush tool’s icon to re­veal a pop-up. Choose the Blem­ish Re­moval tool. Tap the left or right square brack­ets to ad­just the tip’s size. Click on a blem­ish to re­place it with clean skin.

6 Re­duce wrin­kles

Se­lect the Heal­ing Brush tool from the Tools panel. Place the cur­sor near a wrin­kle and å- click to sam­ple a smooth patch of ad­ja­cent skin. Place the brush tip over a wrin­kle and click to spray the sam­pled smooth skin over the wrin­kle.

7 Re­move hot spots

Se­lect the Paint Brush tool. Choose Layer > New Layer, and la­bel it ‘Hotspots’. Set the layer’s blend­ing mode to Darken, and opac­ity to 45%. å- click to sam­ple some skin colour. Spray over a shiny hotspot to fill it with the sam­pled colour.

8 Whiten teeth

Click on the Re­touched Ver­sion layer and se­lect the Dodge Brush tool. In the Op­tions bar, set opac­ity to 25%. Go to Tonal Range and set this to High­lights. Spray over the teeth and eye whites to brighten them in a sub­tle way.

9 Tidy stray hairs

You might find some skin cov­ered in stray hairs. If so, se­lect the Heal­ing Brush tool, then å- click to sam­ple a clear patch of skin close by. Place the brush tip cur­sor over the un­wanted hair and spray to re­place with clean skin.

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