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QMy Im­por­tant mail­box has filled up with all the mes­sages that I have been mov­ing to the Trash mail­box, whether for my iCloud or Gmail ac­count. What’s caus­ing this? by Ian Hur­d­ley

A‘Im­por­tant’ isn’t so much a mail­box as a la­bel that’s be­ing in­cor­rectly ap­plied to your mes­sages when you delete them. You need to dis­cover which set­ting is la­belling your deleted mes­sages as be­ing im­por­tant, so that they can go into the Trash prop­erly.

First, check your Gmail ac­count’s setup in the ser­vice’s web-based in­ter­face. If you use the ac­count on an iOS de­vice, go to Set­tings > Pass­words & Ac­counts > [Your Gmail ac­count] > Ac­count > Ad­vanced. Un­der the head­ing Move Dis­carded Mes­sages Into, en­sure the Deleted mail­box is se­lected.

Also check Mail’s pref­er­ences on your Mac. Click the Ac­counts tab, se­lect the ac­count on the left, then click the Mail­box Be­hav­iours tab.

You’ll see a Trash Mail­box set­ting; set the ad­ja­cent pop-up menu to the cor­re­spond­ing ac­count’s Deleted Mes­sages mail­box. Check you don’t have any­thing set that moves or la­bels mes­sages in the Rules tab in Mail for Mac, in Mail’s pref­er­ences at iCloud.com, or a fil­ter in Gmail’s set­tings (see bit.ly/gm­fil­ters).

If trashed mes­sages are go­ing astray, check that Mail’s Trash Mail­box is set to the Deleted Mes­sages item in iCloud.

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