We dis­cuss gad­get use and eye­sight health

The Mac­For­mat team de­bates the hot Ap­ple is­sues of the day, us­ing their iPhones of course!

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I use my phone a lot in the evening, so I turned on Night Shift as soon as it was in­tro­duced. It re­ally helps the screen feel less harsh.

Yeah, it’s a re­ally nice fea­ture. I rec­om­mend friends and fam­ily try it out for a while, even if the orange tint feels odd ini­tially.

I have a friend who has an An­droid app for the same pur­pose, but the tint makes its way into screen­shots too. Night Shift doesn’t, and I’m less con­scious of it af­ter this long.

I find its all-day-long, am­bi­ent light-based coun­ter­part, True Tone, truly in­dis­pen­si­ble. Turn that off a few times dur­ing a day to test how much eas­ier on the eyes it makes things.

None of my de­vices have True Tone Do you think it’s worth up­grad­ing for?

I feel hyp­o­crit­i­cal, given I re­placed my 1st-gen iPad Pro within a year largely to gain it. But for most peo­ple, given prices, prob­a­bly not.

That’s fair – there’s much more to iPad Pro than that. But it’s en­cour­ag­ing that Ap­ple is rolling it out in many of its new de­vices.

Re­cently, re­searchers said blue light, which these fea­tures limit, may be a big­ger is­sue than thought. More on that soon!

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