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I need your help as I’m a new­bie in the iMac field. I have been read­ing your mag now for a num­ber of is­sues and wish to pur­chase an iMac to re­place a Win­dows PC from Acer.

How­ever, I wish to wait for the lat­est up­dated iMac to ar­rive, which you say is com­ing some time in 2018. I was on Ap­ple’s UK web­site and it has ‘new’ listed be­side it’s iMac. Is this the up­dated model you have writ­ten about, as it looks the same as the cur­rent model.


ALEX SAYS… Thanks for ask­ing about this. No, it isn’t the 2018 re­fresh. Ap­ple of­ten leaves ‘new’ la­bels on its site for longer than we would like. The ex­pected up­date times listed in our store guide are ed­u­cated guesses, based on our ob­ser­va­tions of Ap­ple’s pre­vi­ous re­lease pat­terns as well as in­dus­try roadmaps for com­po­nents – for ex­am­ple, when we know new In­tel pro­ces­sors are on the hori­zon.

Right now, we still ex­pect that the iMac will get an up­date in 2018. Mac up­dates are in some ways harder to pre­dict these days, if only be­cause Ap­ple an­nounces most with­out much fan­fare – rarely the kind that it af­fords to new iPhones and iPads, that is. For the iMac, we ex­pect a re­fresh will hap­pen in the last quar­ter of the year.

There’s a chance new iMacs might slip into 2019. Re­cent whis­pers of a Mac mini re­fresh soon are promis­ing, though, as the iMac is of­ten up­dated along­side. Septem­ber through to No­vem­ber (or even De­cem­ber) is a typ­i­cal time for Ap­ple to re­lease a flood of Mac and iOS up­dates, partly in time for the hol­i­day sea­son in the US. The iPhone gets new mod­els in Septem­ber, with re­freshed Mac mod­els tend­ing to be un­veiled in Oc­to­ber.

If you can bear with your Win­dows PC for a bit longer, that would be wise to avoid buyer’s re­morse.

Since Dereck con­tacted us, Ap­ple has re­moved ‘New’ from the iMac list­ing.

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