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Ma­chine learn­ing al­ready makes your de­vices proac­tively help­ful, a prime ex­am­ple be­ing the app sug­ges­tions in Spot­light that save you search­ing. Your de­vices work out what to show there based on what you do and when. How­ever, iOS 12 takes this to the next level by sug­gest­ing much more spe­cific ac­tions you can ask apps to do.

If you of­ten call some­one, re­quest a route and start a playlist on your way home, your de­vice may recog­nise that. You’ll start to see short­cuts for things like these on the Lock screen and in Spot­light, sav­ing you hav­ing to un­lock your de­vice and jump between apps.

You can con­trol where short­cuts ap­pear un­der Siri Sug­ges­tions in Set­tings > Siri & Search – the Lock Screen item is new in iOS 12. Don’t want a spe­cific app to ap­pear? Tap it in the list lower down; some have only a broad Search, Sug­ges­tions & Short­cuts switch, but oth­ers may al­low you to hide them from the Lock screen alone for pri­vacy rea­sons.

Siri Short­cuts

If you use a short­cut a lot, you may de­cide to turn it into a Siri Short­cut. That means you record a phrase of your choice to say to Siri and trig­ger the short­cut. See how be­low.

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