How to Fix harsh sun­lit shots


Cre­ate a key and fill ef­fect

A com­mon photo light­ing tech­nique is called ‘key and fill’ – a bright light slightly above the sub­ject il­lu­mi­nates one side, a softer light lifts the hard shad­ows that cre­ates on the other. In our ex­am­ple, our key is the sun. First, de­s­e­lect all lights, choose Shad­ows and turn the dial to +1. This re­moves a shadow ef­fect that Apollo au­to­mat­i­cally adds. Then, we move our light to the shad­owed side. We’ve set the dis­tance to +1.16 (bring­ing it to­ward the screen slightly) and bright­ness to +0.8. And that’s it. The ef­fect is sub­tle, but it evens out our sub­ject nicely.

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