How to Cre­ate some drama


Add a rim light ef­fect

First we use the Back­ground Re­moval tool; +0.56 does it for this pic. Then, we select our light, use Dis­tance to push it be­hind the sub­ject, and move it up­wards. We bump up the bright­ness (+2.26) and in­crease the spread a lit­tle (+15.35). We’ve moved it slightly right, for a bet­ter fi­nal ef­fect. Now for his face! We cre­ate a new light, move it a bit left, and set the dis­tance to +0.94, so we’ll get a nice an­gle on the light. A bright­ness set­ting of +1.59 gives us a nice clear light/shadow bal­ance. Lastly, we use the Halo Ad­just tool (-0.22) to make it more nat­u­ral.

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