How to mix colours


Add a coloured gel ef­fect

First, we turn our light red, move it right, and set the dis­tance so it’s to the side of his face (+0.38 in our case). Now, cre­ate a new white light and place it slightly left. We bring it in front of him to a dis­tance of +1.31 (to stop it clash­ing with the pur­ple light we’re about to throw in). We tone the bright­ness down a tad, to +0.91. Now we add a new light, make it pur­ple, and place it high and left. We want it be­hind him (dis­tance +0.20). We in­crease spread just a lit­tle: +15.22. One more light: push it right to the back­ground, make it blue, and crank up the bright­ness (+5.59).

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