How to Share with groups of peo­ple


1 Find your peo­ple

You can use iCloud Drive to share files with mul­ti­ple peo­ple. To do that, open the Files app, select a file – in this ex­am­ple we’re us­ing a PDF – and tap the Share icon. You should now see Add Peo­ple among the op­tions in the bot­tom row.

2 Select the ser­vice

Now you need to choose how you want to send your shar­ing in­vi­ta­tion. Mail and Mes­sages are the most likely op­tions, but you can also send it us­ing third-party apps, such as Face­book’s Mes­sen­ger, if you have one in­stalled.

3 Set the op­tions

Tap Share Op­tions to spec­ify whether the link that’s gen­er­ated will work for any­body or just the spe­cific peo­ple you’ve in­vited, and whether oth­ers can make changes to your doc­u­ment or if it should be read-only.

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