How To Con­nect iOS to a big screen


1 Turn on mir­ror­ing

Open Con­trol Cen­tre on your iOS de­vice, then tap Screen Mir­ror­ing to show a list of re­ceivers you can share your de­vice’s screen with. Select your Ap­ple TV, then type the pass­code that ap­pears on your tele­vi­sion (if one is set).

2 Con­nect your key­board

Go to Set­tings > Blue­tooth on your iOS de­vice and make sure the fea­ture is turned on. If your key­board has a pair­ing but­ton, press that now. It should ap­pear un­der My De­vices in the Blue­tooth set­tings – tap its name to con­nect it.

3 On the big screen

Any­thing you do on your de­vice will be mir­rored on your TV, with your TV es­sen­tially func­tion­ing as a large dis­play for your iPhone or iPad. Glance at your de­vice as you nav­i­gate or start mov­ing things, then back at the TV to com­plete.

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