A new kind of word game

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£1.99 FROM Philipp Stol­len­mayer, kami­ Needs iOS 8 or later

Su­per­type is a puz­zle game that uses the power

of let­ters. The lev­els are min­i­mal­is­tic, and it is up to you to work out how to use the let­ters in the English al­pha­bet to col­lect the small square dots in each level. Per­haps it’s about rolling an O down a gen­tle slope, or per­haps a more com­pli­cated setup where a P falls over to set off a domino ef­fect with a bunch of low­er­case Ls.

There are no in-app pur­chases, no timers to wait for, no ads to un­lock new con­tent. Some lev­els re­quire you to merely touch the goal, oth­ers have more than one goal, re­quir­ing you to touch both at the same time. There are lev­els that have let­ters al­ready writ­ten in, which need you to draw a sin­gle line to make the level work. The hard­est lev­els are the ones where the goal seems im­pos­si­ble – per­haps it’s un­der a block, and to reach it means hook­ing a C onto some­thing and use it as a cat­a­pult for an E that’s been pushed by a fall­ing R.

You may find your­self look­ing at let­ters dif­fer­ently; re­al­is­ing that a Y ly­ing down is just the right shape for an O to use as a ramp. It might ruin words for you for­ever, but at least you’ll have fun while do­ing it.

Lev­els aren’t skip­pable: you have to com­plete each one to ad­vance.

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