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Think you can’t be a good singer? Think again Free De­vel­oper Hi­man­shu Singh, Plat­form iPhone Re­quire­ments iOS 9.3 or later

With very few ex­cep­tions, good sing­ing is some­thing we learn, not some­thing we’re born with: the more you train your voice, the bet­ter you get.

Be­fore you call that ex­pen­sive vo­cal coach, give Vanido a try. It’s a free app that aims to make voice train­ing fun, and it does so by work­ing out your vo­cal range – in­sur­ing the ex­er­cises aren’t too low or too high for you – and then get­ting you to prac­tice some sim­ple notes and sounds. Tech­nol­ogy comes into play with its real-time anal­y­sis, which shows you ex­actly how well or how poorly you’re manag­ing to hit each note.

The ob­jec­tive is to sing ev­ery day, not to sing un­til you’ve lost all mo­ti­va­tion. Even the most woe­ful per­for­mance gen­er­ates skill points that you can use to feel good about your­self – and the ex­er­cises are de­lib­er­ately short and sim­ple so you won’t feel over­whelmed or frus­trated.

The app is clearly a work in progress; for ex­am­ple, while it logs in to Google or Face­book, there aren’t any so­cial or col­lab­o­ra­tive fea­tures to make those lo­gins nec­es­sary. We also found the au­dio a bit choppy on our head­phones while sing­ing, which was a lit­tle off-put­ting. But we did find our­selves rais­ing our

vo­cal game once our ego had re­cov­ered from the on-screen ev­i­dence that we weren’t Nat King Cole.

The bot­tom line. As a voice coach it’s prob­a­bly too sim­ple right now, but Vanido has lots of prom­ise for per­fect­ing your pitch. gary mar­shall


Vanido gives you three ex­er­cises a day, ev­ery day. The more you do, the more you un­lock.

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