How to Use Split View

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En­ter Split View

With a Split View-com­pat­i­ble app al­ready open, drag an­other’s icon from the Dock to the left or right edge of the screen. The first app will shrink a lit­tle; let go and the sec­ond one will snap into position, fill­ing a quarter of the screen’s width. As in iOS 10, drag the handle on the di­vider to ad­just the split. Swap in a new app

Pick up an app’s icon from the Dock or Home screen, then open the app switcher, tap the pre­view of the two apps that are al­ready in Split View, drag the icon over the app you want to swap out so its por­tion of the screen goes dim, then let go of the icon. Apps outs ide the Dock

To add an app to Split View (or Slide Over) that’s not in the Dock, find it on the Home screen and start to drag it, keep­ing it held. While do­ing that, tap the icon of the sec­ond app you want to work in, or get to it through the app switcher, and use an ear­lier method to drop the first app into Slide Over or Split View. Tog­gle be­tween modes

There’s a handle above the right app in a 50:50 split, or above which­ever app is al­lo­cated less space; use this to switch ei­ther app’s mode. Drag­ging up or down from the handle tog­gles the app be­low be­tween part of the split view and a mov­able win­dow on top of an­other app. Siri app sug­gest ions

The method from the pre­vi­ous tip also works with app icons in Spot­light’s Siri App Sug­ges­tions wid­get – that’s the Spot­light en­tered by swip­ing down­ward on the Home screen. You can’t do this with the epony­mous wid­get in the To­day view, be­cause you can’t open the Dock or the app switcher from there. Use three or four apps

With two apps open in Split View, open a third in Slide Over – drop it over the di­vid­ing line to avoid re­plac­ing one of the oth­ers. The fourth can be a video from an app that sup­ports iOS’s Pic­ture in Pic­ture mode; like Slide Over, you can tuck it off the screen’s edge to gain room.

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