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This fa­mil­iar in­ter­ac­tion, which you’ve used on the Mac for years, has fi­nally made its way to iOS as a sys­tem-wide fea­ture. Apps need to be up­dated to sup­port it, so your fa­vorites may take a while to catch up. You’ve al­ready seen how it’s used for mul­ti­task­ing on iPad, and there are many other places it comes in use­ful.

Drag and drop makes a world of dif­fer­ence to how ef­fi­ciently you can get things done on iPad. It works be­tween apps: start drag­ging some text or a pic­ture, say, switch to an­other app, and drop your se­lec­tion there. You can drag images, files, or se­lected text, and even re­minders (which paste as text), con­tacts (which paste in vCard for­mat), and map lo­ca­tions (more on those in a mo­ment).

Though drag and drop is more lim­ited on iPhone – what­ever you drag is aban­doned if you try to switch apps – the tech­nique works within in­di­vid­ual apps and on the Home screen, mak­ing cer­tain tasks faster on your phone, too. Here are some of our fa­vorite ways to use drag and drop in iOS. On­line re­search

Say you have Safari and Notes open to­gether in Split View or Slide Over. Hold your finger on a link in Safari and it’ll lift “off” the page. Drag it over to Notes so the in­ser­tion point is where you want to add the link, then let go – much faster than the Share sheet. Add photos to an al­bum In Photos, start drag­ging a pic­ture, then tap oth­ers to pick them up too. They can even be from dif­fer­ent al­bums or Mem­o­ries. While hold­ing them, use an­other digit to browse to the al­bum you want to add them to, then let go of them. lo­ca­tions in Maps

Hold on your lo­ca­tion’s marker, a dropped pin, a point of in­ter­est, or a re­cent lo­ca­tion in the panel and drag and drop it into an email, mes­sage, or note. Rich ob­jects such as map lo­ca­tions, which don’t paste as text, can be dragged again from where you drop them. The Home screen

Hold on an app icon to make them all jig­gle, then drag it a short way. Tap more icons to add to your se­lec­tion, then drag and drop them in a folder or an­other Home screen page. They ap­pear in reverse or­der of pickup, so tap back­ward from Z to drop in or­der from A to Z.

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