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1 In­te­rior maps

Floor plans for select malls and air­ports are now avail­able in Maps, both in 2D and 3D views. If you hap­pen to scroll the map so that a place with an in­te­rior map comes into view, tap “Browse <place name>”, which slides in at the bot­tom of the screen (iPhone) and ap­pears at the top right (iPad) to browse the full, multi-floor map. When you do so, the area out­side the mall or air­port is dimmed. 2 Switch floors

The floor num­ber you’re view­ing is shown near the top right of the screen. Tap it for a list of all floors, then one of those to see that floor’s lay­out. The list re­mains open so you can quickly browse marked points of in­ter­est across sev­eral floors. To close the list, tap the “X” above it, or an un­marked spot on the map. Stairs, es­ca­la­tors, and el­e­va­tors are marked on the map to help you plan your route.

3 Browse by cat­e­gory

When you’ve started to browse an in­te­rior map, swipe up on the panel to pull it into view (iPhone; it’s al­ways in view on iPad). You’ll see icons for the var­i­ous types of business there, and places to get re­fresh­ments or take a re­stroom break; tap one to fil­ter the map to show only that kind. To switch to an­other kind of business, tap the X at the top right to go back to the list of cat­e­gories.

4 Browse from a to z

Al­ter­na­tively, tap the All Shops icon to open a screen-high list of busi­nesses and fea­tures within the lo­ca­tion, com­plete with an al­pha­bet­i­cal in­dex as a short­cut, like in the Mu­sic app, down the list’s right edge. In any view of the lo­ca­tion, tap a business on the panel or its point-of-in­ter­est icon on the map to read more about it, in­clud­ing opening hours, con­tact de­tails, and Yelp re­views.

5 Cut out in­ter­rup­tions

Do Not Dis­turb While Driv­ing (DNDWD) stops no­ti­fi­ca­tions pop­ping up when you’re driv­ing and dis­tract­ing you from the road and pedes­tri­ans. In Set­tings > Do Not Dis­turb, scroll down to the last three items. The first de­ter­mines how the fea­ture ac­ti­vates. When it’s set to Au­to­matic, your iPhone’s Wi-Fi is used to de­tect the Dop­pler ef­fect, and DNDWD is turned on if it’s thought you’re mov­ing in a car.

If you wake your de­vice, you’ll see a no­ti­fi­ca­tion that tells you the fea­ture is ac­tive. Open that for an op­tion to over­ride DNDWD if you’re a pas­sen­ger or on pub­lic trans­port.

The fea­ture can be set to en­able as soon as your iPhone con­nects to your ve­hi­cle’s Blue­tooth sys­tem, or you can choose to turn it on man­u­ally. To do the lat­ter, you’ll need to add a but­ton to Con­trol Cen­ter: go to Set­tings > Con­trol Cen­ter > Cus­tom­ize Con­trols and tap the + next to DNDWD.

6 Send Auto-replies

Your iPhone can re­ply to let peo­ple know why their at­tempts to reach you are go­ing unan­swered. DNDWD’s sec­ond set­ting spec­i­fies who re­ceives these mes­sages: no one, peo­ple you’ve replied to in the last day, your fa­vorite con­tacts, or ev­ery­one. Peo­ple in your cho­sen group can break through DNDWD by send­ing “ur­gent” as a sec­ond mes­sage. Ap­ple pro­vides a pre­set re­sponse. You can per­son­al­ize that mes­sage in DNDWD’s third set­ting.

7 limit changes

Got a teenager in whom you want to in­still a sense of road safety? You can pre­vent DNDWD‘s three set­tings be­ing changed (in the fifth group down in Set­tings > Gen­eral > Re­stric­tions). Be­ware that although this stops changes to the fea­ture kick­ing in au­to­mat­i­cally and the mes­sage it sends, your child can still over­ride the fea­ture.

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