How to Au­to­mate your home

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1 Eas­ily add au­toma­tions

The but­ton for cre­at­ing a new au­to­ma­tion is now a per­sis­tent + at the top of the page, rather than some­thing you have to scroll down to. You still can’t re­name or re­order au­toma­tions.

2 Whole-fam­ily au­to­ma­tion

Tap the +. Au­toma­tions trig­gered by changes in peo­ple’s lo­ca­tions can con­sider your whole fam­ily, but only if they’re on iOS 11; if a kid’s iPod touch can’t run it, this won’t work for them.

3 Finer time con­straints

Choose “Dur­ing the day” or “At night” to au­to­mate on sun­rise or sun­set times; these ad­just through the year. To ad­just by up to an hour ei­ther way, tap “i” next to one of these.

4 Turn off an au­to­ma­tion

The new Turn Off item at the last step of set­ting up an au­to­ma­tion can be used to tell HomeKit ac­ces­sories to switch off again af­ter a few min­utes – say, a hall light when you open a door.

5 As­sign rooms to zones

Use this to say things like “Turn off down­stairs lights” to Siri. Tap the Room tab, the list icon (top left), Room Set­tings, a room’s name, Zone, then Cre­ate. Type a name, then tap Done.

6 Rooms in mul­ti­ple zones

Rooms can be in mul­ti­ple zones – if your hall and land­ing share a light, say. In a room’s set­tings, tap zones you want to add the room to (in­di­cated by a check mark). Tap again to re­move it.

7 Delete a zone

Go to the Rooms tab, open the set­tings of any room that be­longs to the un­wanted zone, tap Zone to re­veal a list of them, and then swipe left on the un­wanted one for a Delete op­tion.

8 Re­fined no­ti­fi­ca­tions

No­ti­fi­ca­tions from ac­ces­sories can also be re­stricted to oc­cur only be­tween cer­tain times of the day, or based on fam­ily mem­bers’ lo­ca­tions. So, you can sup­press them from a door’s con­tact sen­sor if some­one is home, say, but oth­er­wise re­ceive them as a prompt to check your se­cu­rity cam­era or call the po­lice.

Hold a finger on an ac­ces­sory in the Home or Rooms tab, tap De­tails, then Sta­tus and No­ti­fi­ca­tions. Turn on Al­low No­ti­fi­ca­tions, then set the Time and Peo­ple items as you want.

Ac­ces­sory no­ti­fi­ca­tions are per‑de­vice set­tings, so con­sider whether you want to repli­cate them on your iPad or, in­deed, on other fam­ily mem­bers’ de­vices.

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