How to Use site-spe­cific set­tings in Safari

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1 View site set­tings

To view set­tings as­signed to the site you’re read­ing, go to Safari > Set­tings for This Web­site. A panel opens un­der the site ad­dress. By de­fault, Safari en­ables con­tent block­ers, and stops me­dia with sound from play­ing.

2 Use Reader

If you put a check mark next to “Use Reader when avail­able,” Safari’s Reader view will al­ways load when it can. Not all sites are com­pat­i­ble, but when one is, you’ll see only an ar­ti­cle’s head­line, by­line, im­agery, and text.

3 Con­fig­ure Reader

Although mostly used to im­me­di­ately delve into web page con­tent, Reader can also be an ac­ces­si­bil­ity aid. Click the AA in the search field, and then ad­just the view’s font style/size, and the back­ground color.

4 Ad­just zoom set­tings

If you don’t use Reader, you can ad­just a site’s text size us­ing Page Zoom in the site’s set­tings – just click and choose a new value. Un­like in older ver­sions of Safari, your choice is as­signed only to the cur­rent site.

5 Halt dis­tract­ing videos

Un­der Auto-Play, Safari should by de­fault stop me­dia with sound, en­sur­ing videos don’t play over other au­dio you’re lis­ten­ing to. If that doesn’t work on a site – or silent videos dis­tract – set Auto-Play to Never Auto-Play.

6 View all your set­tings

For an over­view of all your set­tings, click the Web­sites tab in Safari’s pref­er­ences, and then choose a side­bar item. For each of them, you’ll see set­tings split into con­fig­ured web­sites and cur­rently open web­sites. 7 Change your set­tings

To up­date a con­fig­u­ra­tion set­ting, click a pop-up menu and choose a dif­fer­ent op­tion. To delete a con­fig­u­ra­tion en­tirely and re­vert to its de­fault state, click the item and then the Re­move but­ton (or press 8 De­fine Safari de­faults

When in the Web­sites tab, the pop-up menu at the bot­tom-right of the win­dow sets Safari’s de­fault value for the cur­rent cat­e­gory/ fea­ture. The choice you make here de­fines Safari’s de­fault be­hav­ior for all other sites.

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