1998 Ap­ple USB Mouse

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Ev­ery vet­eran Mac user’s least fa­vorite in­put de­vice, the Ap­ple USB Mouse takes pride of place in the pan­theon of Ap­ple mis­takes and missteps.

Launched along­side the Bondi Blue iMac in 1998, the “hockey puck” mouse was a night­mare to use. Its small size and round shape made it hard to ori­ent, and the sole but­ton was dif­fi­cult to find with­out stop­ping your work and look­ing down at the de­vice. Its short ca­ble was the ic­ing on the cake.

So great was the user ir­ri­ta­tion with the USB Mouse that it spawned a third-party mar­ket for adap­tors, ca­bles, and even shells to change its shape to make it easier to use.

It was Ap­ple’s first USB mouse, meant to take peo­ple into the fu­ture of in­put de­vices, but in­stead drove many back to their old Ap­ple Desk­top Bus mice in­stead. Oops.

We have a blue Ap­ple USB Mouse here at Mac|Life Tow­ers, but only for pos­ter­ity — we wouldn’t dare use it.

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