Tile Pro Se­ries

A trin­ket for find­ing stuff

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$35 From Tile, thetileapp.com Fea­tures Blue­tooth, water­proof (4.92 ft, 30 mins)

Tile is a small de­vice you can at­tach to or place in an item you want to keep track of. Its app can lo­cate the Tile, or make it play a sound. It can even help if you’re out of range, by us­ing its net­work of ex­ist­ing users to anony­mously pin­point your stuff.

The Pro Se­ries’ Sport and Style mod­els fea­ture an im­proved 200-foot range, a louder speaker, and wa­ter­proof­ing. Setup is sim­ple, but our first Tile stalled dur­ing ac­ti­va­tion. The sec­ond went fine.

Lo­cat­ing a Tile can be spotty. It worked great at home, but failed to alert us to a Tile we had left in a Chicago café for three hours, de­spite 8,500 other Tile own­ers also be­ing present in the city.

The app also in­sists on al­ways-on ac­cess to your iPhone’s lo­ca­tion, to sup­port a fea­ture that al­lows your Tile to lo­cate the phone. But even though we chose the op­tion of “When Us­ing the App,” we got fre­quent prompts to choose “Al­ways Al­low.”

If you of­ten lose things at home or work, then Tile is use­ful. But its most at­trac­tive fea­ture – find­ing lost stuff in the world – fell short for us.

the bot­tom line. A promis­ing de­vice with some frus­trat­ing flaws.

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