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It’s great that Mac|Life has a sense of hu­mor. Case in point: the re­view of Beats Stu­dio3 Wire­less head­phones in Jan­uary’s is­sue [ Mac|Life 136]. “Sound isn’t… ju­ve­nile.” It has “a quite for­ward pre­sen­ta­tion.” “The treble is slightly safe.” It’s a lovely spoof of pre­ten­tious au­dio­phile jar­gon. Still, you might want to save that sort of thing for the April is­sue. Some­one might think you were se­ri­ous. Joe Devlin Next month: we re­view a cam­era with­out us­ing the term “res­o­lu­tion” and test some stor­age de­vices with­out men­tion­ing megabytes or data transfer speed. Se­ri­ously, we do try to get the bal­ance right be­tween tech­ni­cal and con­ver­sa­tional lan­guage in Mac|Life, and al­ways ap­pre­ci­ate feed­back.

Not man­ag­ing

In your fea­ture about clean­ing up your Mac in Mac|Life 136, on page 21, “How to scan with Sys­tem In­for­ma­tion”, I could not get it started be­cause there is no “Man­age but­ton” to click on. I have an iMac run­ning OS X 10.11.6 El Cap­i­tan. Frank Haeg The Man­age but­ton was added in macOS 10.12 Sierra. Ear­lier ver­sions don’t have it and won’t rec­om­mend ways to op­ti­mize your stor­age. Sorry we didn’t make this clear.

Sim­plePhone wanted

I have a Mac and there­fore, per­son­ally, don’t need an iPhone X. I would like a “ba­sic,” less ex­pen­sive, phone. So: If Ap­ple could strip out enough apps and func­tions from the iPhone SE to bring the price down to $199.99, what would be left, and would it be suf­fi­cient for some peo­ple? For ex­am­ple: Phone, Cal­en­dar, Clock, Dic­tionary, Re­minders, Con­tacts, Notes, Cal­cu­la­tor, and cer­tain apps to sync with a Mac. If this is a silly ques­tion, will there ever be an Ap­ple Watch that does not re­quire an iPhone? Bernard McCann But would peo­ple be sat­is­fied with your list of “ba­sic” apps? What if you wanted to add more? And would that price be the sweet spot for ev­ery­one?

No prob­lem yet

On my old iPhone 6 Plus I have not ex­pe­ri­enced any no­tice­able change in re­spon­sive­ness. I’m sure hear­ing this slow­down story will im­plant all kinds of neg­a­tive fan­tasy mem­o­ries in user minds. Be­sides, I didn’t pur­chase an iPhone be­cause of its speed any­way. The Ap­ple ex­pe­ri­ence is so far more than this mi­nus­cule thing. Any­one that com­plains needs to get a life. John Hankwitz

Bat­tery ex­pe­ri­ence

I no­ticed my iPhone 6’s bat­tery life de­grade a month ago, af­ter up­dat­ing iOS. (1) When it is cold, it will go from 60% to 20% to auto shut­down within 15 min­utes. When I plug it back in, it will re­open and show 40-60% charge. Very frus­trat­ing. (2) I fully charge it ev­ery night, and it will com­pletely drain the bat­tery by (usu­ally) 2pm, with only mod­er­ate use. (3) Any­time it gets to 16-20%, I know I have only mo­ments to still use it. I’m ready to hear the solution, be­cause I’m not ready to buy a new phone. DonBursell John, meet Don. We asked for iOS up­grade ex­pe­ri­ences and the pic­ture is very mixed, with many users re­port­ing glitches and slow­down af­ter up­grad­ing. See our news pages for more.

APFS cor­rec­tion

Last month, we said in an­swer to a let­ter that if you’re us­ing an SSD for Time Ma­chine, High Sierra will con­vert it to APFS. This is not cor­rect — for now, High Sierra will con­vert only your startup disk. We apol­o­gize for the er­ror.

In Sierra and newer, Sys­tem In­for­ma­tion helps you “man­age” your stor­age.

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