How to Re­move flaws and blem­ishes in Pho­to­shop CC 2018

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The Spot Heal­ing Brush

The Spot Heal­ing Brush is for re­mov­ing in­ci­den­tal blem­ishes — skin de­fects, dust spots, or strands of hair, for in­stance. Dab the brush over the de­fect and Pho­to­shop sam­ples from nearby ar­eas, match­ing bright­ness and color.

The Cam­era Raw fil­ter

Press Cmd+Shift+A to open the Cam­era Raw fil­ter in Pho­to­shop CC, then press B for its pow­er­ful Spot Re­moval (re­touch­ing) tool. Tap the square bracket keys to ad­just the brush size. As a rule, use the small­est brush pos­si­ble.

Get close up

Press Cmd+Opt+0 (zero) to view your im­age at 100% so that you can dis­cern much smaller blem­ishes. Hold down the space­bar to switch to the Hand tool, and drag around the im­age so you can check it all.

Change sam­ple ori­gin

Click on a spot to re­touch it. A green cir­cle shows the source for the re­pair. Drag in­side this to move it, drag its edge to re­size it, or press V to hide it if you pre­fer. Don’t like the re­sult? Press Cmd+Z and try again.

Vi­su­al­ize spots

Press Y to high­light the spots in your im­age in white, help­ing you to lo­cate them. Al­ter the size of the mark­ers us­ing the slider in the right-hand panel. Tog­gle this view on and off reg­u­larly to check for ad­di­tional flaws.

Re­move big­ger ob­jects

The Cam­era Raw fil­ter’s Spot Re­moval tool, or the Spot Heal­ing Brush, won’t be good for re­mov­ing big­ger ob­jects like the dis­tract­ing ca­bles here. For larger-scale re­touch­ing, press S to se­lect the Clone Stamp tool.

Set sam­ple area

For max­i­mum flex­i­bil­ity, best prac­tice is to work non­de­struc­tively by adding a new, blank layer. Click Sam­ple in the op­tions bar, and se­lect Cur­rent & Be­low. Zoom in and Optclick in a “clean” area you want to copy from.

Paint over the blem­ish

Tap the square bracket keys to make your brush just larger than the blem­ish, and drag or click to cover it. Opt-click to pick new sources as needed. Use match­ing de­tail nearby, like the line be­tween the wall and floor­boards.

Limit the area to edit

When you’re work­ing close to ar­eas of de­tail you don’t want to af­fect, like the edge of the ta­ble here, it’s smart to make a se­lec­tion around the area you’re work­ing on. We used the Pen tool to draw a pre­cise path...

Turn it into a se­lec­tion

Ctrl-click within the path and choose Make Se­lec­tion to con­vert it into a se­lec­tion. When there’s an ac­tive se­lec­tion, the Clone Stamp will paint only within it, but you can still Opt-click to pick sam­ple sources out­side it.

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