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DEAR Mr Hastie, among other things, I would like to ex­press my dis­gust and hor­ror at your re­marks about the com­ing postal sur­vey.

You are un­doubt­edly a fine young man but you are my Fed­eral rep­re­sen­ta­tive and I am ap­palled at the right wing, re­li­gious, racist and puni­tive at­ti­tude of your­self and the govern­ment you are part of.

Firstly, the postal sur­vey of same sex mar­riage. When two peo­ple love each other and de­cide to get mar­ried it is their de­ci­sion, re­gard­less of what sex they are. It is also their de­ci­sion whether they want to - or are able to have chil­dren. Mar­riage is not purely for pro­cre­ation and God doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily come into it.

The drug test­ing for new re­cip­i­ents of the dole is yet an­other hu­mil­i­a­tion for peo­ple who are strug­gling to sur­vive and can­not get a job for the sim­ple rea­son there are none. The AMA says it’s wrong, lawyers say it’s wrong, wel­fare char­i­ties and ad­vo­cates say it is puni­tive and wrong, all the lat­est data says it’s wrong. How much more ev­i­dence is needed? Peo­ple need sup­port, drug re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion, jobs, hous­ing etc.

Tor­tur­ing and im­pris­on­ing refugees on the ridicu­lous idea that you are sav­ing lives is the most ap­palling lie this govern­ment and the op­po­si­tion have ever come up with. If you are a true Chris­tian, I am of the un­der­stand­ing that you would do all in your power to make sure that peo­ple who flee to us for pro­tec­tion – in what­ever form they can - would be cared for with com­pas­sion and would be wel­comed as part of our com­mu­nity.

I’m dis­gusted that govern­ment and op­po­si­tion main­tain the lie purely for their own warped po­lit­i­cal ideas.

Please sup­port me and the many ad­vo­cates in chang­ing the pol­icy on asy­lum seek­ers and help fight to bring the few dis­tressed souls here that we are im­pris­on­ing on Manus and Naru. The world has never seen such a mas­sive move­ment of refugees flee­ing ter­ror. Aus­tralia must not con­tinue its hor­rific at­ti­tude to refugees.

Fi­nally, giv­ing en­ergy sup­pli­ers a telling off and de­mand­ing they write let­ters to con­sumers will do noth­ing to lower en­ergy costs. We need to di­vest from fos­sil fu­els such as coal and gas and join the rest of the world in in­vest­ing in re­new­ables and stor­age. This is your and my chil­dren’s fu­ture! Beryl Fran­cis Halls Head

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