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We had a huge reaction in re­sponse to a story about the City of Man­durah say­ing mos­quito num­bers were no higher than any other year, de­spite a seem­ing in­flux of mozzies.

Glenn Campbell - I hope they give mos­qui­toes the same re­spect as all other liv­ing crea­tures. Dis­gusts me how hu­mans kill any of na­ture’s crea­tures to make their lives eas­ier. Geez…next we will want to con­trol great white shark num­bers.

Jackie Wren - mozzies are the worst in about 25 years at South Yun­derup. Worse than be­fore they started a pel­let drop rou­tine. You have to stay inside from lunchtime as they swarm you.

Jan­ice El­lis - I hope they are go­ing to do some­thing about the stormwater pool which is in be­tween Tem­ple­to­nia and the bike path near Laven­dar Park.

Lorelei Jonathan - argh so bad here; suck­ers get inside no mat­ter what. Walked out­side and some were bit­ing the dog to­day.

Jill McKer­char Ki­nang bad all year. I came down with Ross River virus this year. Use re­pel­lent and cover up. Please be­lieve me, you don’t want RRV.

Beki Hawkins - I think the mozzies have been bad this year com­pared to oth­ers.

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