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LEGO Bat­man 3

Plat­form: Xbox 360/ One, PS3/4, Wii U

Style: Ac­tion Pub­lisher: Warner Bros

Price: $89.95 Game­play: Holy Bricks, Bat­man – LEGO Bat­man is back for a third go! This time he’s brought the whole Jus­tice League along with him too, so you can ex­pect to play as Green Lan­tern, Su­per­man, Won­der Woman, and many more! Lex Luthor has teamed up with a bunch of bad­dies and it’s up to you to switch be­tween a bunch of cos­tumes, ve­hi­cles and char­ac­ters to work through all of the game’s puz­zles and fights! This is cool be­cause it means that you’re con­stantly chang­ing what you’re do­ing, and the lev­els get pretty wild – you go into outer space, and Bat­man has to wear a space suit! This isn’t the ab­so­lute best LEGO game we’ve ever played be­cause some of the puz­zles are a lit­tle too hard to fig­ure out, but we had heaps of fun still! Graph­ics: The LEGO games all look pretty sim­i­lar, but this one feels par­tic­u­larly shiny! We played it on the PlaySta­tion 4, and we loved see­ing all the cos­tume changes that hap­pen in the game. We LOLed pretty hard at some of them! It never gets old run­ning around break­ing ev­ery­thing in th­ese games – we love see­ing how ev­ery­thing smashes, and then build­ing new ob­jects is heaps of fun too!


Bat­man’s brought his mates along!


Some puz­zles are silly! There are sound files in Don­key Kong’s code that went undis­cov­ered for 33 years!

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