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Poké­mon: Omega Ruby/Al­pha Sap­phire

Gam­play: Ruby and Sap­phire are back, big­ger and bet­ter than ever! This is a mas­sive ex­pan­sion – new Poké­mon, new ar­eas, and a whole new ex­tra sto­ry­line after you’ve beaten the Elite 4! This re­make also has all the stuff that was in the orig­i­nal games, in­clud­ing crazy Poké­mon con­tests, berries to pick, lots of peo­ple to fight and places to visit, and a se­cret base sys­tem that lets you set up your own lit­tle home away from home! It’s not quite as amaz­ing as X and Y were, be­cause some of the bits and pieces in here feel a lit­tle old fash­ioned now, but de­feat­ing all the gym lead­ers and train­ing an AWSM team is just as ex­cit­ing as ever, as is bat­tling with your mates! We want to catch ‘em all! Graph­ics: Th­ese games look just like X and Y: it’s a huge step-up from the orig­i­nal re­lease! The new Poké­mon mod­els look re­ally cool, and we love the way they jump around when they at­tack! See­ing Zigza­goon hop for­ward to tackle made us LOL hard! Ev­ery­thing has got­ten a mas­sive up­date, so now all the towns look amaz­ing. This is one of the best look­ing games on the 3DS!


A huge up­grade!


Prob­a­bly not as good as X/Y! Plat­form: 3DS

Style: RPG Pub­lisher: Nin­tendo

Price: $59.95

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