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Hyrule War­riors

Plat­form: Wii U

Style: Ac­tion Pub­lisher: Nin­tendo

Price: $79.95 Link and his friends face off against hordes of en­e­mies in a game based on Dy­nasty War­riors! This is very dif­fer­ent from past Zelda ti­tles, but it has heaps of ref­er­ences to Link’s other ad­ven­tures – you fight with swords and bombs and other items, along­side crea­tures and mates from the se­ries! The ac­tion in this game is re­ally heavy – you’ll take down thou­sands of en­e­mies in ev­ery level, and it’s heaps of fun run­ning around the gi­ant bat­tle­fields deal­ing with iconic bad­dies!


Fran­tic and ex­cit­ing

The Legend of Korra

Plat­form: Xbox One/360, PS4/3

Style: Ac­tion Pub­lisher: Ac­tivi­sion

Price: $19.95 Korra has come to con­soles to lay the smack­down on some el­e­men­tal bad­dies! This short down­load­able game is pretty cool for fans, be­cause you get to try out all of Korra’s cool moves as they un­lock through­out the ad­ven­ture. This game is a lit­tle repet­i­tive though, and the story isn’t su­per in­ter­est­ing, even if you’re a huge fan of the show! The com­bat is fun, but you have to beat up the same en­e­mies over and over, and there’s not much rea­son to ex­plore the lev­els!


Cool, fun com­bat!


Noth­ing like a reg­u­lar Zelda game!


Re­ally repet­i­tive! The long­est danc­ing game marathon, per­formed by an Amer­i­can woman ever lasted 49 hours!

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