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Mighty No. 9 is fi­nally com­ing out next year, and it’s look­ing great! Com­ing to just about ev­ery con­sole out there, this game will con­tinue on from what the old Mega Man games started – which makes sense, since it’s by the dude who cre­ated Mega Man! You can col­lect dif­fer­ent weapons, boost through the air, and de­feat loads of bad­dies. The de­vel­op­ers have re­cently an­nounced more DLC and modes, fo­cus­ing on ex­tra char­ac­ters and boss bat­tles. There should be heaps of ex­cit­ing mo­ments packed in! Plat­form: All Style: Ac­tion Pub­lisher: Com­cept

Out: April Plat­form: Xbox One, PC

Style: Ac­tion Pub­lisher: Capy­bara Games

Out: 2015 De­vel­op­ers Capy­bara games are known for their cool art style, and Be­low is look­ing re­ally AWSM so far! This is an ad­ven­ture game where you play a tiny war­rior, ex­plor­ing a huge is­land. You ex­plore ar­eas that the game cre­ates at ran­dom, and it’s go­ing to be re­ally hard – if you die, you need to start over, but you’ll get bet­ter if you play it for a long time! This one is still a lit­tle mys­te­ri­ous, YAKs, but we look for­ward to see­ing how it plays! The damsel-in-dis­tress that Mario res­cues in the orig­i­nal Don­key Kong is called Pauline. In the Ja­panese ver­sion she was known sim­ply as ‘Lady’.

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