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This is a wildly unique space shooter where you hold the screen to dodge in one di­rec­tion, squeez­ing in-be­tween as­ter­oids and com­plet­ing ob­jec­tives! It can take a lit­tle while to work out what you’re do­ing, but if you want some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent this is de­cent fun!

7/ 10

This is a fast and fran­tic ar­cade ac­tion ti­tle, where you have to shift a beam through twisty, crazy lev­els! It’s rare to last more than a few seconds un­til you get re­ally good at it, so only YAKs with a lot of spare time need ap­ply! This is good for any fans of Su­per Hexagon!

7/ 10


iOS, $1.29 AR­CADE,

iOS, $3.79 Crossy Road is like the old ar­cade game Frog­ger, but in­stead of guid­ing a frog you’re guid­ing a car, a snail, a pig…lots of dif­fer­ent an­i­mals, even dogs! This is a game to LOL along with, be­cause mov­ing for­ward and aim­ing for a high score is heaps of fun when the game looks this good!

8/ 10

In Framed you’re shift­ing around comic pan­els to try and get through each sit­u­a­tion. You move pan­els around on the screen and then watch the ac­tion in each one play out – you’re on the run, and each screen of­fers a new puz­zle to solve and ad­vance the story! It’s a re­ally cool idea!

7/ 10

AR­CADE, iOS/An­droid,


iOS, $6.49 The Great Giana Sis­ters was a 1987 plat­form game that was very sim­i­lar to Su­per Mario Bros ex­cept the main char­ac­ters were sis­ters.

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