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which Not ev­ery­one loves Pe­cu­liars. Bar­ron is a Wight, hunt­ing are deadly crea­tures ob­sessed with one thing: mat­ters Pe­cu­liars un­til there are no more left. To make has the worse, Wights are in­vis­i­ble… un­less some­one pe­cu­liar abil­ity to see them.

Mil­lard Nullings

He’s com­pletely in­vis­i­ble! (But still likes to wear clothes.)

The Twins

Th­ese brothers are both gifted with tele­pathic abil­i­ties. They also look re­ally, re­ally, RE­ALLY creepy!

Bron­wyn Bunt­ley

Don’t let her size fool you, be­cause she has the abil­ity of su­per­hu­man strength!

Miss Pere­grine

The mys­te­ri­ous owner of the or­phan­age that keeps Pe­cu­liars safe. She can trans­form into a pere­grine, and cre­ate a time loop. She’s also a wicked shot with a cross­bow!

Emma Bloom

She can con­trol air, but needs to wear iron shoes or else she’ll float away!

What is a “Pe­cu­liar”?

A Pe­cu­liar is some­one born with a spe­cial abil­ity. It could be as sim­ple as hav­ing a sec­ond mouth on the back of your head, or be­ing able to bring the dead back to life!

Olive Abro­ho­los Ele­phanta

She can cre­ate fire from her hands, but needs to wear pro­tec­tive gloves to avoid ac­ci­den­tally burn­ing things.

Ja­cob Port­man

Ja­cob is the new­est ad­di­tion to Miss Pere­grine’s. He’s a rel­a­tively nor­mal teenager – ex­cept that he has the abil­ity to see ghastly mon­sters that no one else can…

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