We’ve got some fang­tas­tic dragon facts and jokes for you to sink your teeth into!

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El­liot isn’t your av­er­age dragon! In­stead of scales, he has fuzzy green fur and can blend into his sur­round­ings like a chameleon.

Pete’s Dragon was orig­i­nally a movie from 1977! It was all live­ac­tion, ex­cept El­liot who was a car­toon!

It turns out not ev­ery­one is a fan of gi­ant fire-breath­ing dragons. Pete wants to keep El­liot safe, but oth­ers want to hunt the big cud­dly lizard. Will Pete be able to change the hunters’ minds about his dragon pal?

When Pete is or­phaned and lost in a for­est while on a road trip, El­liot the dragon res­cues him! You could say he be­comes Pete’s dragon dad!

In me­dieval leg­end, the brave knight St. Ge­orge de­feated a fear­some dragon with the help of a magic orange tree!

On ex­tremely old maps, the phrase “Here Be Dragons” was used if they didn’t know what was there!

In Greek myth, King Cad­mus planted dragon teeth like seeds and grew an army of bronze plated war­riors!

Dragons from China and Ja­pan don’t roar. In­stead, they sound like gongs and jin­gling bells. Chi­nese dragons also love to eat spar­rows.

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