Are you a glut­tonous ghost, magic dragon, high-fly­ing pig or a big cud­dly for­est spirit?

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1) Favourite an­i­mal?

A) Dog B) Cat C) Snake D) Pig

2) On Hal­loween you are:

A) Wear­ing the cra­zi­est cos­tume B) Chill­ing with friends C) Eat­ing tons of lol­lies D) Play­ing some tricks

3) Favourite colour?

A) Sil­ver B) Green C) Black D) Red

4) If you could have one su­per­power it would be:

A) Breathe fire B) Make things grow C) Abil­ity to eat any­thing D) Flight

5) Favourite game se­ries?

A) Leg­end of Zelda B) Su­per Mario C) Kirby D) An­gry Birds

6) Food you like the most?

A) Hot noo­dles B) Sushi C) Sponge Cake D) Sal­mon

7) On the week­end you are:

A) Hang­ing with your mates B) Chill­ing. Maybe hav­ing a nap C) Eat­ing your third lunch for the day D) Rid­ing your bike as fast as pos­si­ble

8) Which sauce do you like the most?

A) May­on­naise B) Tomato sauce C) Vine­gar D) BBQ

9) Dream job?

A) Ma­gi­cian B) Life­guard C) Lol­lies tester D) Fighter pi­lot

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