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Se­cret Fan The­ory #1

The the­ory is that Rita is ac­tu­ally the leg­endary Green Ranger, who was cor­rupted by an evil force! What do you think MANIACs, fact or fic­tion?

Se­cret Fan The­ory #2

The Zordon in this movie is the orig­i­nal Red Ranger, who got fused with the Mor­ph­ing Grid!

Which en­emy will they bat­tle?

The Rangers will go toe-to-toe with Rita Repulsa in the Power Rangers Movie. She’s pure evil and only has one thing on her mind: the to­tal de­struc­tion of E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. So yeah, it’s kinda im­por­tant that she’s stopped.

How will Team Ranger get to­gether?

Our five heroes – Ja­son, Billy, Zack, Kimberly and Trini – are mys­te­ri­ously drawn to­gether and end up at the An­gel Grove quarry. There they dis­cover a strange rock that con­tains five odd coins.

What do the coins do?

Apart from mak­ing them look su­per bling the coins give the Rangers pow­ers they didn’t have be­fore. They’re stronger and faster than ever! 8

The low­down on Zordon

Bryan Cranston plays Zordon. He voiced some bad guys in the orig­i­nal Power Rangers TV series! A leaked pic­ture of Zordon for a Power Rangers VR ex­pe­ri­ence shows him to be a float­ing blue head, just like in the TV show!

What are the suits like?

The Ranger cos­tumes are a slick new de­sign! Cos­tume de­signer An­drew Men­zies says they are made by alien be­ings. We think they re­mind us of Iron Man’s suit!

What’s their base like?

Deep within the quarry lies the Ranger’s se­cret Com­mand Cen­tre! Manned by Zordon who was in charge of other Power Ranger teams, and his robot as­sis­tant Al­pha 5. With Rita al­ready wrecking havoc, the Rangers will need Zordon’s help and train­ing ASAP!

Did You Know?

This isn’t the first Power Rangers movie! There was one re­leased in 1995 fea­tur­ing the orig­i­nal Rangers line-up. If you watch it, you might no­tice a few fa­mil­iar Aus­tralian land­marks be­cause it was filmed in Sydney!

Un­leash the power with the Power Rangers on March 23rd!

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