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What’s the dealio?

It’s a brand new Ad­ven­ture Time minis­eries com­ing to Car­toon Net­work. Told in eight parts, the minis­eries fol­lows Finn, Jake, BMO and Su­san Strong as they leave Ooo and travel across the ocean to un­ravel the mys­tery of Finn’s past.

What will Finn and the oth­ers dis­cover?

Have you ever won­dered where Finn came from, who his fam­ily was and how he came to be the only hu­man in the land of Ooo? This minis­eries will an­swer those ques­tions and more. Jake will meet his mum Min­erva and will dis­cover what hap­pens to the hu­man race!

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