PEZ’s new Su­per Mario Dis­pensers are bet­ter than a power-up mush­room!

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There have been mul­ti­ple Su­per Mario Bros. car­toon series! The Su­per Mario Bros. Su­per Show (1989), The Ad­ven­tures of Su­per Mario Bros. (1990) and Su­per Mario World (1991)!

Up un­til Su­per Mario World (1990), game lev­els would be de­signed us­ing pen and pen­cil on graph pa­per!

Mario’s cre­ator Shigeru Miyamoto’s favourite Mario game is Su­per Mario World or Su­per Mario Bros. 2!

There was a live-ac­tion Su­per Mario Bros. movie re­leased in 1993! It’s su­per ter­ri­ble!

Su­per Mario Maker started out as a tool used by Nin­tendo to make Mario lev­els. The team liked us­ing it so much they pitched it as an ac­tual game!

Wario’s name is a com­bi­na­tion of Mario and Warui, a Ja­panese word that means “bad.” So his name lit­er­ally means Bad Mario!


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