Mario + Rab­bids King­dom Bat­tle

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Game­play: The Mario/Rab­bids strat­egy mash-up game we never knew we wanted is here! The Rab­bids are trans­ported into the Mush­room King­dom, and they have to team up with Mario and his mates to take down other Rab­bids that have turned bad! The plot isn’t too im­por­tant – all you need to know is that Mario and the Rab­bids have guns now, and it’s crazy and goofy and funny! When you en­counter bad­dies, the game moves into a turn based strat­egy game, where you guide three char­ac­ters through bat­tle. You move be­tween cover, use spe­cial abil­i­ties, and have your char­ac­ters work to­gether to beat the bad Rab­bids! This is not at all what you might ex­pect from a Mario or a Rab­bids game, but it to­tally works! This game is smart, clever, and funny, and al­though it’s not quite as good a strat­egy game as Fire Em­blem it’s still su­per cool! Graph­ics: The Mush­room King­dom looks amaz­ing on the Switch! Mario and Rab­bids got us su­per ex­cited for Su­per Mario Odyssey, be­cause as much as we like the crazy rab­bits, see­ing Mario and his pals look­ing so good is a real high­light! There are heaps of LOLs in the back­ground, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!


A to­tally un­ex­pected, cool game!


Not as deep as Fire Em­blem!


Plat­form: Switch Style: Strat­egy Pub­lisher: Ubisoft Price: $ 89.95

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