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Week be­gin­ning October 8

Libra (Septem­ber 23 - October 23) Have you been walk­ing on fi­nan­cial quick­sand lately? Good news: this week the plan­ets haul you back on solid ground. You’re also bet­ter able to ap­pre­ci­ate how pre­vi­ous set­backs served you. Should the cos­mos en­cour­age a change in di­rec­tion, be guided by good ad­vice.

Scorpio (October 24 - Novem­ber 22) If you’ve re­cently been dis­il­lu­sioned with life, take heart. The doors of op­por­tu­nity are about to swing wide open. As you pre­pare for the fu­ture think big, think love and think abun­dance. At work, the more oth­ers op­pose you, the stronger you be­come. Should the later part of the week fi­nalise a chap­ter - fol­low up with pos­i­tive ac­tion.

Sagittarius (Novem­ber 23 - De­cem­ber 21) This week holds the prom­ise of fi­nan­cial re­wards. Don’t ex­pect a huge wind­fall, but look for­ward to im­proved cash flow all the same. Sud­denly life’s lux­u­ries may not seem so out of reach. It’s also an ex­cel­lent time for long term in­vest­ment, such as prop­erty - or per­haps just treat your­self to a hol­i­day.

Capricorn (De­cem­ber 22 - Jan­uary 20) Capri­corns are strongly in­de­pen­dent. But this week you be­come less cer­tain of your moves. By chance, the plan­ets pro­mote greater in­tu­ition and co-op­er­a­tion. So to make progress, lis­ten to your in­ner voice, or sim­ply ask for help. Team­work seems the an­swer.

Aquarius (Jan­uary 21 - February 18) This week’s task: re­flec­tion and cor­rec­tion. It’s not the time for push­ing on blindly, es­pe­cially as im­por­tant de­ci­sions need to be made. For many, this hints at a re­la­tion­ship that’s been cool­ing. If your love nest is feel­ing a tad tepid, reignite the em­bers or talk prob­lems through - truth­fully.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20) Many Pis­ceans feel a lift in hap­pi­ness and op­ti­mism, which spills over into love and friend­ships. As it’s not re­ally the time for solo ef­forts, pair­ing up with oth­ers is the way to go. So go find some syn­chro­nous souls. The other sur­prise? A gift or cash bonus - a de­serv­ing re­ward.

Aries (March 21 - April 20) This is one of those weeks when know­ing how to play the game qui­etly wins greater ad­van­tage than a de­fi­ant show of Aries as­ser­tion. Re­cent hard work should start to reap re­wards, but you may be sur­prised to find your­self mak­ing last-minute changes - for the bet­ter.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20) Every­one goes through pe­ri­ods of self-doubt Taurus. We also get our moments of glory. Right now, you should en­joy the bet­ter of the two op­tions. It’s a con­fi­dent week, where it’ll be hard to set a foot wrong. Keep your mind fo­cused and en­joy all those well earned re­wards.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21) The cos­mos has caused much anx­i­ety lately but it now changes both mood and mind. Pro­fes­sion­ally, you have a good idea of what you want. And you’re so close to hav­ing it. So act with con­fi­dence - se­cure in the knowl­edge that most of the plan­ets will treat you well.

Can­cer (June 22 - July 22) Cance­ri­ans are born with a special mis­sion to guard and pro­tect. This week, you be­come an even greater mes­sen­ger of heal­ing, har­mony and joy. Sens­ing this, oth­ers more openly seek your ad­vice and heed your wis­dom. What a change from re­cent weeks, when you felt a tad shut out.

Leo (July 23 - Au­gust 23) It’s great to be in step with every­one around you. If noth­ing else, it makes life much eas­ier to cope with. But my guess is that you’re aim­ing to do far bet­ter than just cope. With se­ri­ous am­bi­tions in mind, a long-held dream fi­nally comes within reach - and this time, you’re de­ter­mined to grab it.

Virgo (Au­gust 24 - Septem­ber 22) The pres­sure is on, and you must do your best to stay ahead of the game. Call on that mighty Virgo en­ergy to push you through. Should oth­ers make ex­ces­sive de­mands - ex­pect con­flict, but it need not es­ca­late into war. Dis­arm with kind­ness.

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