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I READ with dis­tress the news that coun­cil is con­sid­er­ing cut­ting road cross­ing su­per­vi­sors - it is un­fair of the coun­cil to jeop­ar­dise the safety of our school chil­dren for the sake of $75,000.

Surely there are bet­ter ways to save money, such as cut­ting ex­ces­sive staff num­bers, rather than tar­get­ing the cross­ing su­per­vi­sors who, lit­er­ally, are pro­tect­ing lives ev­ery day they work.

Cross­ing su­per­vi­sors do more than just guide chil­dren across the road, they know each child, each par­ent and fam­ily and are al­most like an un­of­fi­cial well­be­ing ser­vice – if they see some­one isn’t well, a child has been hurt or some­thing along those lines, they are al­ways the first to re­spond.

The cross­ing su­per­vi­sors who work on Highett Street also act as a pair of eyes to mon­i­tor be­hav­iour at the skate park, which can some­times be rowdy and in­ap­pro­pri­ate – they act as a re­minder to all skate park and rec re­serve users that there are eyes on them and to act ac­cord­ingly.

Even if cross­ing su­per­vi­sors are re­placed by vol­un­teers, the vol­un­teers will not be as ded­i­cated be­cause they aren’t be­ing paid, nor will they have the knowl­edge, ex­pe­ri­ence and train­ing that a cross­ing su­per­vi­sor brings to their job.

I’d like to im­plore all the par­ents, fam­i­lies and even school teach­ers to write to their lo­cal coun­cil mem­ber, and con­tact the coun­cil of­fice di­rectly and let them know this is an out­ra­geous pro­posal and one that should be taken off the ta­ble be­fore it gains any fur­ther mo­men­tum.

Let’s do this for the safety of our kids.

Eric Mor­ri­son, Mans­field

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