Keep tech­nol­ogy out of the bed­room

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• The blue com­po­nent of light sup­presses mela­tonin, which is the hor­mone needed to reg­u­late and in­sti­gate sleep.

• Avoid too much stim­u­la­tion from about 8pm on­wards, when the mela­tonin is meant to be nat­u­rally ris­ing.

• Turn de­vices off so your brain can think about

sleep­ing at this time.

• Relax for at least an hour be­fore go­ing to bed • Read­ing, talk­ing with your part­ner, lis­ten­ing to quiet mu­sic, do­ing yoga, med­i­ta­tion and stretch­ing are all good ways to relax. • Watch­ing TV across the room is bet­ter than a TV that is right up in front of your eyes. And try to avoid stim­u­lat­ing view­ing.

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