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1 What Ja­panese dish con­sists of thin fil­lets of raw fish eaten with soy sauce and horse­rad­ish paste? (7)

4 What rough-sur­faced woollen cloth orig­i­nated in Scot­land? (5)

7 Which Ger­man river pro­vides drink­ing wa­ter for the ad­join­ing ma­jor in­dus­trial area? (4)

8 In 1903, which Nor­we­gian ex­plorer lo­cated the mag­netic North Pole? (8)

10 In which 1987 film does Michael Dou­glas play stock- bro­ker Gor­don Gekko? (4,6)

12 In what orig­i­nally Swiss dish are small pieces of food dipped into hot sauce? (6)

13/15 Which mu­si­cian, eth­i­cal philoso­pher, and hu­man­i­tar­ian re­ceived the 1952 No­bel Peace prize? (6,10)

18 Which Antarc­tic an­i­mals have re­bounded from near ex­tinc­tion to an es­ti­mated four mil­lion? (3,4) 19 What word can fol­low full, pit and cat­tle? (4) 20 What fab­ric is made from flax fi­bres? (5) 21 What is a sec­tion of a se­ri­alised story? (7)


1 What is a hol­low tube used for drink­ing? (5) 2 Where, in 1821, did Napoleon die? (2,6) 3 What word for in­car­cer­ate comes from old Latin for “in” and “wall”? (6)

4 What cut of meat comes from be­tween the sir­loin and ribs? (10)

5 On which hori­zon does the sun rise? (4) 6 Steve Martin played a sadis­tic what in the 1986 film ver­sion of Lit­tle Shop of

Hor­rors? (7)

9 What is a flat piece of me­tal fram­ing a key­hole? (10)

11 What Ital­ian word ap­plies to a trio of singers? (8) 12 What Mid­dle Eastern dish con­sists of deep-fried balls of mashed chick­peas? (7)

14 How many peo­ple have set foot on the Moon? (6)

16 What is the mon­e­tary unit of In­dia? (5) 17 Which el­e­ment has the chem­i­cal sym­bol Fe? (4)

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