Ever since we made our mini wa­ter­cooled Dream Ma­chine back in July, I’ve been for­tu­nate enough to look af­ter it. But, alas, I found a mas­sive leak em­a­nat­ing from the GPU wa­terblock fit­tings, so I de­cided to strip the sys­tem, swap out the Fury X for a GTX 1070, and run an AIO in­stead.

The prob­lem is, I’m get­ting a lit­tle frus­trated with a cou­ple of is­sues. Firstly, the noise. Although I’ve got four Noc­tua NF-F12 iPPC fans, they have a rated op­er­at­ing RPM of around 1,100–2,000, and while that’s fan­tas­tic for push­ing vast quan­ti­ties of air at high pres­sure, it’s less than am­i­ca­ble when it comes to noise. Cou­ple that with the some­what an­ti­quated fan tech in the Cor­sair AX1200i PSU and the GTX 1070, and, well, you get where I’m com­ing from.

To counter this, I’ve opted to do a few things. I’m swap­ping to an­other chas­sis en­tirely, go­ing from the Manta to the NZXT Source 340 Elite in­stead. I’m also swap­ping out the power sup­ply for a Cor­sair HX1000i, which for­tu­nately has 0dB fan tech. And I’m swap­ping the Noc­tua NF-F12s for three Cor­sair ML120 Pros with white LEDs, too. Not only will the ML120s add a hint of move­ment and color to my new build, but they also op­er­ate at as lit­tle as 400rpm at their low­est set­tings—per­fect for a silent sys­tem.

There are a few ex­tra up­grades go­ing on, too, but if you want to find out about those, you’d best take a look at “Build It” this is­sue, on page 68.

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